Part 2 of the “Jason finds out” chapter of my chronology of a friendship comics which are clearly getting out of hand, hahahaha. At some point I have to stop raising my own expectations of them and go back to being more sketchy  >_> ;;

Part 1 can be found here.

Facts : - Morning light is hard to paint.

- I didn’t originaly plan for Percy and Jason’s interaction to last that long but it turns out those two were fun to work with, and they had plenty to talk about. Nico should be in the next part, finally ! 

- Jason is not flying off to yell at his father. He cares about Nico but he is not suicidal. ;p 

I hope it’s not too small to read ? (tumblr really doesn’t like big pics and I insist on making giganormous comics, hahaha)


Someone is gonna go “Oooops !” in the morning ;p 

I saw the issue about Jason’s dad killing Nico’s mum popping up in conversations quite a few times. I definitely wanted to deal with it in the chronology of a friendship comics so here you are, this particular subject should have one or two more parts, I haven’t decided yet ^^